Grant’s Farm Reopening For Drive-Through Halloween Event

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Grant’s Farm is going to get spooky this fall, and you and your kids are invited to attend. The beloved St. Louis landmark on Gravois Road has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic but will be reopening in October for fun of the frightful variety.

The Halloween Drive-Through Experience gives visitors a chance to do something that they’ve never done before: Cruise through the park in their own cars. The farm has been welcoming visitors since 1954, but this will be the first time people will be able drive through.

Everybody is making adjustments these days, and Grants Farm is no exception. And because the normal Halloween experience can’t happen this year (Who would let their kids put their hands in a stranger’s candy bucket after tons of other kids stuck their hands in there during a pandemic?), we have to find our family fun in new and exciting spots this season.

The system will work much like the many drive-through holiday light shows around town, where you pay per car and roll slowly through many different scenes. The Grant’s Farm experience will include creepy Halloween scenes, including medieval, graveyard and even a UFO landing scene.

The fee for each car is $40, and kids will get free bags of candy so they can get that sugar rush while rolling through. You can upgrade your experience, too, by adding family packages that include snacks and drinks.

The event happens throughout the month of October on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, and reservations are required.

For more information about the Halloween Drive-Through Experience event, keep an eye on or the Grant’s Farm Facebook page.

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